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The method of Calculation on Fatigue Failure at welding joint in the conveyor screw carrying bulk materials rely on view of point of Fracture Mechanics

Thứ sáu - 13/11/2015 11:10
Today, with the explosive growth of the industry of mass production, the question is how to transport goods as soon as possible. With the patent of the conveyor screw, freight tasks become simpler and more convenient, especially to carry bulk material which have high temperature. However, the biggest drawback of it is weld connection between the crew and shaft easily ruined by fatigue. Many documents stills focus on classical machines to deal with the cycle load which mainly caused damage fatigue to screw conveyor. They are restricted when solve with cracks by fatigue. To improve the longevity of screw conveyor cannot ignore researching the destruction caused by fatigue of life of conveyor depends on weld connection between screw and shaft. No document mentions this problem. In this paper, the affection of fatigue to strengthen of conveyor screw will be shown. It will be presented the method of calculation on the fatigue failure from theory of Fracture Mechanics.
International Conference on Engineering Mechanics and Automation (ICEMA 3), Hanoi,  October 15-16, 2014
Ta Hong Phong, Do QuanTung
Sao Do University, 24 Thai Hoc Street, Sao Do ward, Chi Linh Town,

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